Dear Applicant,

Thank you for applying for the Carol E. Macpherson scholarship. Your application has been received and will be reviewed by our selection committee.  We will make our determinations by Early August 2024 and notify recipients if they have been selected for a scholarship.

Please remember to have two signed letters of recommendation sent. Letters of recommendation should be from current/former instructors, advisors, or work supervisors who can speak to your educational goals and academic promise (or qualities that lead to academic success).

Applications will not be forwarded to the Selection Committee without the two letters of recommendation so you may want to send a friendly reminder to your letter writers at some point (we will not contact your references to request missing letters). Please send the following “Directions for Writers of Letters of Recommendation” to your two recommenders and ask your two recommenders to email their signed letters of recommendation as a PDF or Word document by the deadline of June 30, 2024 to


The Scholarship Selection Committee relies on the reference letters to help us make a decision about the applicant’s promise and whether she will use the scholarship wisely as she pursues her dreams. Please let us know your relationship to the applicant, and include your contact information in the letter in case we need to call for clarification. Address the characteristics listed below as much as possible:

  • Academic ability and/or promise
  • Ability to set realistic, attainable goals
  • Motivation and persistence
  • Problem solving skills and resourcefulness 

Thank you for your time in assisting this scholar!

If your recommenders have any issues or questions, please direct them to contact us at